At Sneddon Morrison, our aim is to provide you with advice you can understand and a service aimed to make the legal process of moving house as easy and problem-free as possible.

Our Residential Conveyancing Department is lead by experienced partners who have a combined experience of over 100 years in dealing with all the legal aspects of house sales and purchases. They are supported by our team of experienced qualified paralegal assistants.

  • Sale of Property
    Our Conveyancing team can help you with all the steps necessary to complete the sale of your property. These include negotiating the missives (or contract) between you and the purchasers which covers the price, the date of entry and lots of other important aspects. We will liaise with the purchasers' solicitors and your lender to make sure that your sale is conducted as smoothly as possible. Once the sale has gone through, we can help you arrange to repay your mortgage from the proceeds of the sale and to deal with all the other ancillary matters. Click here to make your appointment.
  • Purchase of Property
    Our Conveyancing team can help you with all the steps necessary to buy your new home. As soon as you see a property that you think you may want to buy, you should let us know and we can note your interest with the selling agent.  We can then submit an offer to buy the property on your behalf. If the offer is accepted, we will advise you on negotiating and concluding the missives (the contract). This will cover most aspects of the transaction such as the price, the date of entry, and other relevant matters. We will examine the title deeds and other documentation relating to the property such as building permits etc. and report to you on these. The seller will sign a new title deed transferring the title to you. We will also assist you with mortgage documentation including the creation of a security over your new home if required. Click here to make an appointment
  • Commercial Property
    Our Conveyancing team can help you with a wide range of matters relative to commercial transactions including the formation, sale, and purchase of companies; the sale, purchase, and leasing of commercial property; developments; and general corporate and business advice. Click here to make your appointment.
  • Leases
    Our Conveyancing team can help you with the creation of leases over properties (commercial and residential), whether as landlord or tenant. We will assist you with the negotiation of the terms of the lease and prepare the lease documentation. Make your appointment here. 

We give all our residential property clients a detailed estimate, in writing, of the costs including legal fees, VAT, registration dues, and, where appropriate, Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT).

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