Wills & Executries

We offer advice on all aspects of Wills & Executries including:

  • Granting or Updating a Will
    A will states whom you wish to inherit your property, money and other possessions when you die and who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes (the Executor). It can also deal with matters such as how your children will be cared for, your funeral wishes and any charitable legacies you wish to make. (We can prepare or update a will free of charge for clients under the Cancer Research UK Free Will Service). 
  • Dealing with Estates on Death
    We can help you deal with all the formalities and paperwork relating to an executry, from the initial registration of a death to the distribution of the estate.
    • Obtaining Confirmation.
      An executor is appointed by the will or, if there is no will, by the court. The executor is responsible for the winding up of the estate. The executor first needs to ascertain the assets and liabilities of the deceased and to apply to the court for Confirmation. 
    • Winding up Estates.
      Confirmation is a legal document that enables the executor to gather in all the assets of the estate and once all the liabilities have been cleared, share the remainder among the beneficiaries as specified by the terms of the will, or, if there is no will, by Scots Law.

We can help you with all aspects of Executry work.

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