For most areas of work we carry out, you will be provided with either a written estimate of fees and outlays, or otherwise written confirmation of the basis on which we shall charge you fees for a particular matter depending on the time spent carrying out the work or on some particular scale of charges appropriate to the type of work. In assessing the fees we take into account a number of important factors, including: the value of the transaction, the complexity and difficulty of the matter, the skill, knowledge and responsibility involved, the urgency of the matter and the place where we are required to carry out the work. We are happy to tell you at any time what the fees are to date.  A partners time is charged at £300 per hour, solicitors time at £220 per hour and a paralegals time at £120 per hour, unless otherwise stated below or in our Terms of Business. All fees will have VAT at the prevailing rate charged in addition to the fee..

We have listed below our standard fees for various types of work. Outlays will be chargeable in addition to these fees, and where possible will be intimated at the outset of your transaction. The fees listed below are an indicative of a standard transaction in each case. If the work turns out to be more complicated or takes longer than we anticipated then we may require to increase our estimate to take account of this. We will inform you as soon as possible about this.


Sale or Purchase

House Price

Base Fee (exclusive of VAT)

Up to £250,000


£250,000 plus



Other conveyancing work (exclusive of VAT)



Transfer of Title (no mortgage)


Transfer of Title and Remortgage


Discharge of Security



Additional fees for Conveyancing (exclusive of VAT)

New Build 


Discharge and Repayment of Second Secured Loan


Electronic payment of funds

£30 per transfer

Statutory Declaration for a gifted Deposit & Gifted Deposit Letter


Dealing with unauthorised alterations

Hourly rate of the fee earner per terms of business with a minimum of £100

Reclaiming funds from Revenue Scotland


Returning Identification documentation by Recorded Delivery post, if requested


Shared Equity documentation or Help to Buy purchase


Help to Buy ISA


Discharge of each Inhibition


Reviewing Residential Tenancy Documentation


Liaising with any third party solicitor


Remedying title defects, defects intimated after settlement or other work not specifically described in these additional services

Hourly rate of the fee earner per terms of business

Dealing with Mortgage Websites if appointed by your lender


Payment of third party accounts e.g. estate agent account; solicitors etc.


Arranging an Energy Performance Certificate, if not part of a Home Report


Dealing with any uncashed cheques issued to you after 6 months

Up to £20 per cheque

Expedition of loan if mortgage papers received less than seven working days prior to settlement


Electronic ID Verification

£18 for each person

Verifying Source of funds if from more than one account



Private Client

Work type

Fee (exclusive of VAT)

Power of Attorney (single)


Power of Attorney (mirror, two people)


Will (basic)

£150 (though see Cancer Research Scheme for free Will service)

Wills (basic, mirror, two people)

£200 (though see Cancer Research Scheme for free Will service)

Wills (complex, estate planning)

Estimate given on request


£50 per document

Home or Hospital visits

Will vary depending on location and time spent. Estimate can be given on request




If an estate only has one or two assets for which Confirmation is required we will be happy to discuss a fixed fee with you.

Otherwise our fees are based on a charge of £280.00 per hour and relate to work carried out by members of our Executry Team.  If any work requires to be undertaken by a solicitor this will be charged at £300.00 per hour. VAT is chargeable in addition to the hourly rates and other fees.


Telephone calls and meetings are charged in units.  Each unit is six minutes or part thereof.  One unit is charged at £28.00.  A normal letter (up to 125 words) is charged as 1.25 units or £35.


A charge of 5 units per sheet will be raised for drawing and engrossing the account and for other forms required by Court, Tax Authorities, etc.


If there is a property we will require to obtain an approximate value for the application for confirmation.  Our estate agent will provide an approximate value and may charge £50.00.


Please note that our charges will be reviewed on 1st January each year.


Our file will be assessed by our external auditor, who is a qualified Law Accountant.  The fee charged for the assessment is based on a percentage of the final fee as is standard practice.  The percentage rate can be up to 4% of the final assessed fee.  This is to ensure that the fee which is assessed will accurately reflect the work which we have carried out in winding up the Executry and the responsibility for ensuring the Estate is correctly wound up.   The Accountant’s fee will form part of the charge to the Estate.


You are entitled to request our file to be separately assessed by a separate Auditor who will be mutually appointed if you are unhappy with the fee charged.  In such a case, the file is passed to the separate Auditor who will fix what he considers to be a fair and reasonable fee in all the circumstances including and taking into account those factors outlined above.  The Auditor can fix a fee higher or lower than the fee charged by us.  If it is lower, then we will pay the cost of the Taxation.  If, however, the separate Auditor prices a higher fee or confirms the fee as charged then you will be responsible for the original Auditor’s fee as well as the separate Auditor’s costs.


  1. Where there is a complicating factor our standard fee will be increased by a fair and reasonable amount to reflect the additional time or Risk or Responsibility factor arising from that complicating factor.  What is a fair and reasonable level of increase will be decided by a suitably qualified Scottish Law Accountant.  A complicating factor is anything the said Scottish Law Accountant would consider to be out with the scope of the “average” executry estate.  Examples of complicating factors are: There being more than 3 executors or more than 10 beneficiaries or more than 20 items of estate listed in the inventory for Confirmation, complications arising from any taxes, missing beneficiaries who need to be traced, a dispute as to the division or distribution of the estate, where there is estate outside Scotland, where part of the estate consists of a shareholding in a private limited company or partnership, legal rights claims and where an item of estate is held in trust or otherwise than in the sole name of the deceased. Our work dealing with any legal rights claim will form part of our overall fee due to be paid to us from the estate.


          We reserve the right to raise an interim fee(s)  to cover work done and this may be assessed by the Scottish Law Accountant.


  1. We may charge Commission on Estates Realised on a sliding scale for CAPITAL TRANSACTIONS:


Money forming part of the original estate uplifted from Banks, Building Societies and Insurance Companies:


On each payment up to £30,000                                                                   1%

On balance over £30,000                                                                              0.5%

Stocks, Shares and other Securities realisable on the Stock Exchange

First £30,000 of each sum                                                                             1.5%

Next £30,000 of each sum                                                                             1%

Balance over £60,000                                                                                    0.75%


National Savings                                                                                            1%

Miscellaneous Property                                                                                   1%

Securities/Assets transferred to beneficiaries                                                    1%




Where individual receipts are up to £1,000                                                       5%

On the next £4,000                                                                                         3.5%

Balance over £5,000                                                                                       2%




Where property transferred by Docquet on Certificate of Confirmation           0.25%

Where property transferred by Disposition                                                  0.5%


These percentages are maximums that we may charge and are in accordance with guidelines issued by the Society of Law Accountants in Scotland.

In normal circumstances our fees will reflect the complexity, urgency, value, importance, risk, responsibility or anti-social hours involved in looking after this transaction for you.  Usually this will be between 0.50% and 1.5% of the value of the money or property involved.  The lowest charges will apply unless we have discussed this with you.

Along with our fee we will issue a statement detailing financial dealings on behalf of the Executry.  You will be liable for paying the Fee of the Auditor .  This will include outlays which have been incurred.  The enclosed terms are binding for all work done unless you confirm to us in writing that you wish us to cease acting in the Executry.

 If there is a property to be sold or transferred any Estate Agency or Conveyancing work undertaken by this firm will be charged separately and in addition to the fee charged for administering the Executry estate.


All of our fees are reviewed annually in January and any change will be intimated to our clients.